Single window attract investment and shrinking unemployment

8/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate confirmed specialist in economic affairs the importance of work per window; because of their role in attracting investors who affirm their desire to enter the Iraqi market to contribute to the development of the country , including reducing the unemployment rate and control through investment.

And Dr. Haitham Abdel - Qader al - Janabi (technical college in University of Baghdad) in an interview for »morning», that « the phenomenon of unemployment represents a stop compulsory part of the labor force a large number of members of the community , despite their ability and desire to work».

He Janabi that «this phenomenon occurs as a result of lower investment rates or a lack of capital the investor is reflected on the provision of appropriate job opportunities and deny active population of working age from their participation in economic and social development of both.

» he pointed out that« the volume of foreign investment or local has a dramatic impact on the revitalization of the work of the various artistic, technical and engineering disciplines needed by the construction sector market housing and the broader impact on the movement of labor ».

He said al - Janabi said« the country is suffering economically because of weak volume of foreign investments despite the number of companies and offices in the country, as well as that the market can accommodate different types of investments in all sectors ».

unemployment is the most serious economic and social phenomena, as appearance significantly lead to increased poverty and disease in the communities in rates, the resulting waste of the resources of the community, and represents the labor active population strength of working age, which includes workers supplemented by unemployed persons who represent the actual capacity of the community.

He focused Janabi , the importance of a stabilization big role in attracting various foreign investments, stressing that « the head of a coward money and looking for a safe environment and atmosphere for the implementation of the projects of infrastructure and other metadata.»

The ILO defines the unemployed as individuals who do not work more than 30 hours a week, and at the same time they have a willingness to work and desire, and this is different scale from one country to the other was used as a week per month or one day per week, while economists are unemployed know about the work that they are people who want to work and do not find the right opportunity.

Janabi and stressed that « the most countries suffer from the problem of unemployment but they vary in their rates and vary in negative effects on the economic and social infrastructure implications, due to the different factors that lead to the appearance of one society to another and from time to time ».

Turning Janabi , to the causes of unemployment , the emergence in Iraq, attributing this to the « low rates of investment in human capital and therefore it affects the provision of new jobs, as well as increasing the supply of labor force, and the instability and insecurity lead to a decline in investment opportunities, as reflected in the availability of jobs and not to keep pace with market requirements to work ».