Najafi calls on Washington to exert utmost efforts to support the people of Nineveh edit their cities

2016/8/22 22:49

[Oan- Baghdad]

The head of a coalition [Uniting for Reform] Osama Najafi, United States to exert utmost efforts to support the people of Nineveh province to liberate their cities, "Daesh of terrorist gangs.

According to a statement issued by the coalition, said Najafi "Monday Stuart Jones received US Ambassador in Iraq, was in the meeting, they discussed the political situation and developments in the confrontation with al Daesh terrorist, particularly the battle to liberate Mosul, where he examined in detail Alasthoudarat and ongoing coordination between the participating forces to guarantee performance ahead. "

He stressed Najafi during the meeting, according to the statement, "to give the political agreement and the requisite situation after Daesh great interest that would prevent or reduce potential losses, so as to provide citizens security and maintaining the infrastructure of their city stage, and good coordination and the development of comprehensive plans prevent reprisals or liquidation accounts outside the rule of law. "

He pointed out that "the battle to liberate Mosul great strategic importance they will break the back of terrorism and establish a new phase in which citizens are entitled to be reassured about their future and live in dignity in their own country."

Najafi called for "the United States to exert utmost efforts to support the people of Nineveh and enable them to have the right and duty in the liberation of their city."

The statement said that "the meeting dealt with the evolution of the national training and readiness of the crowd for the people of Nineveh and his eagerness to be in the forefront of the connector liberated forces in cooperation and coordination with the Iraqi forces and the support of the international coalition."

In the discussion of the political situation, and the House of Representatives sessions, search Najafi and Jones "political developments with the assurance that the interest of Iraq and to ensure that the ultimate victory over terrorism should be a priority in any effort."