US ambassador: Sharing the crowd the battle of Mosul, an Iraqi decision and seek to resolve differences Baghdad and Erbil [Extended]

2016/8/22 22:11

[Oan- Baghdad]

US ambassador to Iraq, said Stuart Jones, that "the participation of the popular crowd in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul, an internal decision of Iraq."

The Jones for a number of media at the US embassy in Baghdad, building them and the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, as the last interview conducted after the end of his duties in Iraq, "there was no link between the delay in freeing the battle of Mosul, the US elections," referring to "the formation of a supreme committee coordinating the follow-up outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil. "

He added that "Washington has provided assistance for the Peshmerga $ 415 million, CT noting that" this assistance varied between the salaries of the elements Albamusharkh and equip them with fuel, food, and coordination with the government in Baghdad. "

He stressed Jones, that "there is a joint collaboration between Iraqi forces and peshmerga for the Liberation of areas of control Daesh" expressing astonishment of speech religion Qabbanji released during Friday prayers held in the grand Hosseinieh Fatimid in Najaf, "about the focus on fighting Daesh terrorist and not to waste efforts, thinking Daesh fight. "

The US ambassador, said that "Washington believes that there is coordination between the two parties to achieve one goal: defeat Daesh" denied that "there is a change in the US embassy in Baghdad after the policy change."

He pointed out, "The United States supports the reforms of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as well as the Iraqi forces that liberated areas of Daesh."

Jones pointed out that "the United States has trained about 35 thousand of Iraqi forces."