Consultant Abadi: balancing next year , not different from the current ratio of dependence on oil would be reduced

Views 84 Date 22/08/2016 - 21:20

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister emphasized the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Monday, that the next year's budget in 2017 is no different from the current year budget, and among the budget value will range between 90 to 102 trillion dinars, he noted that oil dependence ratio will be reduced.

Saleh said in a statement, "The General Budget Law for the year ahead in 2017 is still a draft, and their value will not be resolved until after the House vote," noting that "the total value of the budget will be between 90 to 102 trillion dinars."

He added that "oil dependence ratio will be reduced in this budget by less than 90% because of the loans," pointing out that "the budget next year is the same as the current year budget is based on the same principles, but they differ in terms of the revitalization of industry and services sector investments."

Saleh and predicted that "a strong investment movement begins after the liberation of the cities controlled by the criminal organization Daesh, include the reconstruction of infrastructure and restore services."

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