Group of Twenty summit held next month

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Group of Twenty summit held in Hangzhou, east China, on 4-5 of next September, under the title «build an innovative and active, coherent and comprehensive global economy» significant international participation, the summit will focus on the need to help developing countries to overcome the economic tragic situations.

For his part, a senior Chinese official said that his record number of developing countries will participate in the upcoming summit of the Group of Twenty, and for the first time in its history as well as the most influential economists of players gathered in the world.

He noted that through the collection of more interlocutors together, will push the Group of Twenty summit to a more inclusive global economy.

As Andrew Parker, a partner in the company said (Price Waterhouse Coopers) accounting, which also serves as a director of the company (China Matters), an independent entity that does not aim for profit but rather focuses on the rise of China from a political perspective to the news agency »Xinhua» in an interview such as the Group of twenty summit to be held: that China has a very important role to play on the arena of global governance in light of the faltering global growth.

He added that «China is now the second largest economy in the world, and most importantly, it is the economic emerging market number one, which contributed about one-third of global growth over the past year, and is China's contribution to the task of global growth to a large extent».

Parker pointed out that the stated objectives of the Group of 20 has seen slow progress in recent years, something that China hopes to change.

In reference to an effort led by Beijing to upgrade the Group of Twenty of the crisis response to long-term governance platform mechanism, pointing to the existence of mechanisms of implementation is one of the big obstacles to the efforts of the Group of 20.

He said: «This has been criticized for the Group of 20, long ago, as the fact of interest is that the G-20 does not have a general secretariat and has no enforcement mechanism, so it is relying on what we might call the political will or leadership to make progress in any case. »

At a time of a slowdown in global growth, Parker pointed out that there is a need for cooperation in order to stimulate Alnmo.tjdr noted it was the first time that heads the China Group of Twenty and of the countries of the European Union, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, in addition to Russia, Turkey and North America represented America, Canada, Mexico, South America, represented by Argentina, Brazil, Australia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

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