The opening of the stadium can accommodate a thousand spectators in NUMANIYA northwest of Wasit

2016/08/22 19:35

Long-Presse / Wasit

The Governor Wasit owner behind the valley, on Monday, the opening NUMANIYA stadium in the province at a cost of five billion dinars, and while noting that the stadium can accommodate two thousand spectators, promised Directorate of Youth and Sport to maintain the opening of the stadium to "factor" in support of the sport.

The governor of Wasit, owner behind the valley, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, opened NUMANIYA stadium, which is one of the most important sports projects to preserve and investment of the Ministry and at a cost of five billion dinars," noting that " pitch occupies a large space located in the city center and can accommodate two thousand spectators, a typical playgrounds implemented by the Ministry in the provinces.

For his part, Youth and Sports Director in Wasit fighter Jassim al-Hassan said in an interview with (long-Presse), he said that "this new edifice athlete with a capacity of two thousand spectators, is one of the beautiful stadiums which oversaw the completion ministry recently," noting that "the stadium provides an opportunity to establish the friendly and informal as well as other sports events for the children of the city. "

He said al-Hassan, said "NUMANIYA stadium stadiums similar Balthel artificial and includes a number of bleachers for the audience and a platform for VIP guests, as well as a variety of other service extensions and parking garage

Youth and Sport Director of Wasit urged "athletes in the city to maintain this done, completed, despite the difficult conditions and the lack of financial liquidity to be a new edifice to serve the Iraqi sports and contributes to the delivery of services to large numbers of athletes in the judiciary, especially football players."

The Ministry of Youth and Sports had been opened in the (atheist and the twentieth of July 2016) Kut Olympic swimming pool which was implemented within the ministry allocations and the cost of more than seven billion dinars.