For my fault: the door is open to Brazilian companies to invest in oil and gas sector

2016/8/22 19:15

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Minister Jabbar to fault the door open to Brazilian companies to invest in oil and gas sector.

The oil Ministry said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} CC oil Minister Ali Jabbar, greeted flaw Brazilian Ambassador to Baghdad Library Miguel Magalh„es they discussed bilateral cooperation between the two countries in oil industry.

The Minister stressed that the next stage for all the oil and gas sector activities in Iraq will witness a great development, leaps high in areas of open doors for domestic and foreign investment and through sharing and partial or total investment.

He added that the oil Ministry's plan for this year and next focused on developing oil and gas production from small fields undeveloped in southern Iraq through service contracts with Iraq interests guaranteed programme formats.

Brazilian Ambassador congratulated Miguel Magalh„es assumed to fault his new oil Minister wishing him success in the Ministry's management and development of the oil sector in the country, stressing that his Government is seeking to enhance cooperation with Iraq on all levels.