Water and sewerage station Fallujah in Anbar

2016/8/22 17:06

{Anbar: Euphrates news} inaugurated Governor of Anbar suhaib Narrator, Monday, with water and sewerage station Fallujah briefed on operation restore stability within the judiciary.

The statement said Anbar received {Euphrates news} that "the Governor stressed during the Fallujah water stations opened, and freedom after institutionalized, on the arrival of 70% water, normally in the Fallujah sewage station, at the same time providing all supplies that keeps ascending line workflow.

The Narrator also inspected during his visit to Fallujah on the functioning of the new Fallujah bridge rehabilitation, power station Fallujah, where conservative face to redouble efforts and overcome all the difficulties faced by the working groups.

"The Governor also briefed on the progress of work in over Fallujah, a listener to the constraints facing them," pointing to the "completion of all requirements in coordination with the concerned authorities in the Central Government.