The Parliamentary Committee on housing crisis finished putting the proposed law Housing Authority

2016/8/22 17:16

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said the parliamentary housing crisis Abdulhadi Al-Hakim, said his Committee completed a Housing Authority Act proposal after holding a series of meetings in this regard.

Wise said in a press release received {Euphrates news} "Committee at its most recent meeting hosted representatives from Ministers, agents and representatives of the relevant ministries and the Central Bank and the national investment and National Business Council as well as members of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment, the Finance Committee and the Legislative Services Commission and members of the House of representatives."

"After extensive discussions and members to discuss ways to address housing crisis stop conferees to put the project to build low-cost housing complexes and supported by donor States for having the ability to complete the housing projects for the poor and needy and squatter owners and contribute to solving a big part of this problem."

The Commission reached a draft {public authority housing act} which would turn to the Government for approval before its legislation in the House of representatives to vote on it. "

It is said that a draft Bill has been provided for the distribution of free plots of land to build a residential construction or poor and needy and abusers with recipients of loans banks slam tenures over 25-3-year interest free loan interest payments by the Government to the banks.