Parliamentary legal claim to add new paragraphs for Amnesty

2016/8/22 15:16

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said parliamentary legal Committee member Sadiq frankincense, Monday, the Committee called for adding some paragraphs of the draft amnesty law.

He said the gum {Euphrates news} today "after the Committee held a meeting called for the introduction of certain paragraphs of the draft amnesty law, guarantor of released to act as a deterrent for him not criminally again, as well as the non-inclusion of an earlier pardon included the pardon, as well as law enforcement and effect from the time of the House vote and not until the official facts bulletin."

The controversy still exists about certain paragraphs of the law, including: the face of foreign troops in Iraq should not be a terrorist, this phrase was lifted from the project and caused a bug and also about adding the words {Amir} in the Islamic State to reject the Union forces, but the National Alliance contested added {on track} regardless of Prince daashi or terrorist attack. "

"The second paragraph of article IV which includes kill or handicap event only is excluded and the rest relieved any amnesty law applies as a strong Union, strong coalition wants entry, proceeded from any case proceed within the exception to the law."

"The National Alliance objected to the article on retrial and transaction checking formula, if there is a real necessity for trial then returned."

He said "strong Union frankincense tries to cover the majority of accused terrorism law and we stand without it," likely "not to pass a law tomorrow, if he eats the vertebrae without modification and consensus among the political blocs."

The House voted during the regular meeting held last Monday, some paragraphs of the draft amnesty law and deferred the rest of its paragraphs to next week.

And consider speaker Selim Jabouri, last Thursday, with the SJC Amnesty bill.

Due to the House resumes regular sessions on Tuesday,