Republican White House hopefuls fought good monitor 50 million dollars to his brother Mohammed of the Interior Ministry

2016/08/22 16:17


Informed political sources revealed that Interior Minister Hassan's brother, Republican White House hopefuls fought 50 million dollars for the Republican White House hopefuls fought Muhammad Ali for the post of Interior Minister, indicated that this move came not to reveal his contracts and projects by the Ministry, as well as to protect persons who "sold" very large amounts of posts.

The sources for/24/Babel "good Republican White House hopefuls fought is associated with a network of businessmen and merchants in Iraq, they established a number of mammoth contracts, as he walked with them in big projects and partnerships outside of Iraq, and these businessmen and tradesmen demonstrated their willingness to pay any monies to any of the large and influential leaders on the decision, Prime Minister Haider Abadi, to return to Office, Republican White House hopefuls fought to not revealed all things and subtleties and contracts and projects that had been established for some of them."

"Good Republican White House hopefuls fought began to pay 50 million dollars to some actors for the Ministry's brother," he said, adding that "the amount paid him 50% yet, and the other part will be paid, upon the return of his brother Mohammed".

"The Interior Ministry is currently in a State of chaos due to the majority of important and sensitive positions were sold by brother Hasan up to 400 thousand dollars minimum for any position, and some positions have been sold up to nearly five billion Iraqi dinar.

She pointed out that "senior officers from the Interior Ministry's task owners who bought those positions for deals and kickbacks, eagerly awaiting the return of Republican White House hopefuls fought to chair the Ministry, that will come out of the other will those positions and then falling into trouble with House Republican White House hopefuls fought."