The parliamentary security and Defence Committee reveal Iraq's loss of $ 5 million a day in llkmark Northern Diyala


Security and Defence Committee revealed the Iraqi Council of representatives, Iraq on Sunday, losing $ 5 million a day because of rampant corruption in a great area alkmarki yellowish site, North of Diyala, with site personnel accused "facilitate the infiltration of terrorists and suicide bombs to keep them to Baghdad, confirmed the formation of the Security Services Commission to investigate what is going on at the site.

This came during a press conference, Chairman of the Committee, the Governor of Iraq, this afternoon, in point as mark yellowish, (70 km north of Baquba city),

He said Iraq, there was "fraud and administrative and financial corruption by customs officials and security authorities responsible for the yellowish dot," returned to "the dealings of the preoccupation of those responsible for financial matters in Tehran point led to the infiltration of terrorists and car entered to Diyala province, including the capital Baghdad.

And head of the parliamentary security and Defence Committee, on "the formation of the Security Services Commission to investigate what is going on at point zero," pointing out that "point zero tariffs if it worked properly for financial revenues provided the Government exceeding five billion dollars per day, assuming a large truck entry of five thousand, although their number exceeds nine thousand a day because it's the only port after closing road connector".

Demanded Iraq, security leaders in Diyala province, the need to "pursue security elements in protection and traffic control and taking into account the circumstances of citizens and open more passage to facilitate their passage,"

He will approach the responsible authorities to provide great yard safety and security conditions are available for truck drivers who experience harassment up to swearing and cursing by some staff at the Customs point.

He was an actor in the popular crowd of Diyala, numb, Uday, (27 July 2016), about the existence of corruption in Tehran yellowish point on the road between Baghdad-Kirkuk, controlled by an influential views security leaders, while the amounts expected from point up to about 400 billion dinars not received local and federal Governments, stressed that point hire per hour $ 30 thousand dollars.