Oil Minister calls for Turkish companies to develop the oil sector in Iraq


Jabbar oil Minister fault, Monday, Turkish companies to develop the oil sector in Iraq, while Turkey seeks to strengthen joint cooperation with Iraq on all levels.

Ernie said in a statement issued after he met with the Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad Farouk kaimkgi, and received a copy of "news," Iraq and Turkey enjoyed historic ties, seek to develop in all areas particularly in future oil industry to develop and expand dramatically in all areas which will provide great opportunities and companies promising opportunities in contracts and all activities.

Added "there is tremendous spikes flaw will soon take place in the areas of drilling and production of oil and gas industry investment and all infrastructure", noting "the need to" work and developing and maintaining relationship with Turkish companies to develop the country's oil sector and the accompanying gas in oil extraction operations, which are among the priorities for the development of the oil industry. "

He stressed to the flaw "shenanigans processing facing Turkish oil companies working in the country."

The Turkish Ambassador congratulated Farouk kaimkgi assumed his new oil Minister alaibi wishing him success in the Ministry's management and development of the oil sector in the country, "adding that his Government is seeking to enhance cooperation with Iraq on all levels."