Albaaigy: we must put an end to the excesses of Massoud Barzani

2016-08-22 at 09:45

Baghdad the balance of news

Fix front mp Mansour albaaigy, President of the Kurdistan region, the loss of all the lines and breaches of the Constitution and must put an end to these acts of seizure of land and annexation of territory and oil export without government approval.

Albaaigy said in a statement released by his Office and obtained a copy of balance of news, that "Barzani cannot be tolerated, and has exceeded all limits and his actions imply in niniveh about amends ISIS."

Albaaigy added that "these behaviors by Masoud Barzani and ISIS gangs are two sides of the same coin," Massoud Barzani after the despair of annexation to the territory to include any area after liberation of territory to the Islamic State to gangs, breaking the Iraqi Constitution wall display.

Between albaaigy that "Barzani sought to create clashes between Kurds and Arabs in these behaviors under the pretext of secession, he deals with the Federal Government like State, metaba the Government to end the Barzani's expansionist ambitions to return to the original boundaries and leave it to settle for article 140".

Albaaigy said that "Barzani to leave such unjustified hczatsarvat Nuala that Seger territory to malaihamd buddies and you must move the Federal Government to resolve this matter and to specify their political Nineveh and laitkhzo silence towards this serious matter by the outgoing President of the territory, pointing to Nineveh between hammer and anvil ISIS Masoud Barzani and this cannot be tolerated".

Two forces involved in investigating Nineveh with Iraqi forces north of his sperm stay in the liberated areas without delivered to her family of clan's sons throng, which born revolt among the citizens of those acts.