Integrity: aborted two attempts to steal 37 billion dinars through unsecured credit instruments

2016-08-22 at 13:36

Baghdad scales news

Fair body, announced Monday, thwarting attempts to steal more than 37 billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank.

And the Commission's investigation service said in a statement/balance of news copy, to the competent criminal court issued two separate Moslem militants integrity issues two clients of Rafidain; for murdering two passing two non-believers ", indicating that" restraint instruments through an electronic matching, I wish they gave non-secure Nin, there is enough credit on their free account ".

The Chamber said that "details of the first case was a convict's feet (a. n. c), one of the clients of the Rafidain branch President edit instrument (19,300,000,000) Nineteen billion, three hundred million is the first beneficiary (f. g) appearance of the second beneficiary (z k)", and "accompanying the instrument of an electronic clearing banks under the Rafidain branch President, Exchange was stopped; the inadequacy of convicted stock (a. n. c.)."

The statement said that "the second circuit summarized the convict (a. p. p) Edit instrument (18,150,000,000) eighteen billion, one hundred and fifty million is the first beneficiary (a. n. c.) and appearance to the second beneficiary (m. p.), where a remote Exchange matching procedure is turned off, Leite lay reimburse convicted account (a. p. p) in the Rafidain Bank.

He continued, "it was endorsing statements of legal representatives of Rafidain and Al Ahli Bank charges to convicted fugitives from justice, which brought the Court into contentment; respectively based on the provisions of article 444/IV/XI of the Penal Code, each sentenced to six years in prison.

He noted, "given the right to demand compensation if the affected side gain resolution deterministic class, support protective custody on movable and immovable property"