Rafidain Bank Opens Branch in petroleum products

2016/8/22 9:36

Where - Baghdad]

Rafidain Bank, announced the opening of its new branch in the oil products distribution company to offer banking services to staff and citizens.

Press office of the bank said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "assistant general director of the bank Zuhair MP inaugurated the branch building in the presence of Deputy Minister of Oil for distribution Mutasim Akram and director of the company Ali Abdel Karim al-Musawi and director of distribution Baghdad Authority morning good."

Zuhair said at the opening that "the bank and as directed by the Director General mandated by student Jabbar and the Board of Directors plans to develop the work of the bank and expand its business to provide the best services to the largest possible number of customers, and the opening of the bank's branch in the distribution of petroleum products, the number of bank branches reached 162 branches."

"The branch provides services to a large number of investors in the company, in addition to providing services to the company's employees and other customers will also provide its services on all banking and financial operations of deposits and savings accounts and the Bills and the issuance of instruments for employees and citizens who have dealings with the company."

He pointed out that "this section is the first of its kind and the second in the Oil Ministry, which will provide speed in completing banking transactions relating to citizens and employees alike."