The story of Ali Baqir Najafi, who has held the social networking sites in Iraq

Twilight News / filled generalized man appeared in the photos and videos over the past few days, social networking sites in Iraq and received a great deal of ridicule because of his publications which show a blatant ignorance of the Arabic language.
And he emerged as the person who called the activists on Facebook, b «ignorant» to the large number of spelling errors and language in his writings and his statements following the broadcast images underneath wrote that he had visited the Iraqi Interior Ministry to discuss the security situation in Baghdad. And the dissemination of generalized who named Ali Baqir al-Najafi, a large number of images collected by security and political leaderships most notably with the Shiite leader Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council. It seems his movements and forms and the way he talks that he is inspired by the style and the way the words of Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who enjoys great popularity and political influence is widely used in the country. He says Muhammad al-Mahdi in a comment on one of his speeches in Amouka Facebook "Lord you have to enter the school in the beginning to learn to write and Alqroh, the Arabic language has been destroyed, you do not know how to speak Mandarin you want to become a leader." There footage in a video on al-Najafi page in Facebook obviously it's just a representative shown surrounded by seven people, carrying a gun and wearing a military uniform and a turban, saying he engaged in "fierce fighting in Anbar against Aldoaash." And then he goes running to the direction, despite the huge abandoned home in an unknown area of ​​his body and shoots inside, saying, "We are lovers of martyrdom." The face of this video, which saw tens of thousands of great irony in Facebook, reportedly one of the activists sarcastically, "You are not our Lord in the fierce battles, you are carrying a Kalashnikov and a pistol, how Daesh expel them?". But Uday Alkhaddran Mayor of Khalis, north of Baghdad, one of the leaders of the popular crowd, said Baqir Najafi "thief arrested in the past, but was subsequently released for lack of evidence." He Alkhaddran that "former Diyala police chief Jamil al-Shammari him Albaghera number of guns during the formation of the popular crowd, but he sold it and flee to an unknown destination and issued an arrest warrant against him." His whereabouts are not known, but according to Alkhaddran currently resides in dotted Husseiniya in northeastern Baghdad. This generalized and is keen to mimic the chest methods, there are simple similarity in shape between them, and trying to perform Shiite leader movements in order to attract attention to him. And put on his page on Facebook a lot of composite images where they stand or sit chest emulator. He also issued statements carry Aluadrh formula in the chest data confirming belonging to the popular crowd, which is fighting to organize the Islamic state. But the leadership of the Popular Mobilization Forces issued a statement confirming that al-Najafi from "weak people impersonators capacity and exercise behavior is polite and sometimes criminal." Najafi and quickly responded to the crowd in a video statement broadcast Friday sends more sarcasm, saying, "I do not belong to the body of the popular crowd for prime minister, but to the crowd linked to the Ministry of Defense," This is something that does not exist basically. But the Iraqi activist raised Ramahi expressed his condemnation of the crackdown on large-Najafi, which he considered his appearance "a matter of course." He said in a video on his Balvispock bar, "since 13 years all those who govern us are Baqir al-Najafi, and no one speaks, but few." "The thirteen-year-old wore black turbans nothing to do with religion, govern us the name of religion, they say, represent the religion and doctrine." He asked, "What is the difference between Baqir al-Najafi, and the leaders of political blocs, look at the dark history, some of the counterfeiters who receive certificates and ministries, people have nothing to do Pachtsasm receive ministries, what is it that he did Baqir al-Najafi in this medium loose"?