Urgent .. Iraq announces new export two shipments of liquid gas and gas condensate

Twilight News / Oil Ministry announced for new export two shipments of liquid gas through the southern ports in Basra province.
The agent said the oil ministry for the gas industry Hamid Yunis, in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, said the ministry has uploaded and export tankers of the first liquid gas quantity (1601) tons and the second has been downloaded b (1534 tons), as well as download and export another tanker of gas condensate and the amount of ( 21.842) cubic meters. He added that the ministry is keen on continuing the flow of gas and liquid condensate in excess of the local need for international gas markets, according to the mechanisms established by the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) It is noteworthy that the shipment is from the production company "Gas Basra" in a joint venture between "South Gas" of the Iraqi government (51%) and the two "shell" (44%) and "Mitsubishi" (5%). The Iraqi oil on Sunday announced February 20 exported the first shipment of Iraqi gas condensate, adding that it will export more of its derivatives resulting from the gas utility to extract oil processing.