Portugal may ask Baghdad lift the immunity of the two sons of the Iraqi ambassador to the boy after Aatdaima

Twilight News Portuguese Foreign Ministry / it may ask Baghdad, raising the diplomatic immunity of the two sons of the Iraqi ambassador in Portugal Saad Mohammed Ridha, against the background of Aatdaihma severely beat a boy at the age of 15 years and run him over in their car.
The Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said his country is waiting for the results of investigations into the case and to take the necessary measures to address the Iraqi side if the involvement of the two sons of proven Ambassador. It is believed that the two sons of Ambassador They fierce assault on a boy named Ruben, what caused the entry in Gebojh, while suggesting Portuguese media to be one of the victim's sons run over by diplomatic license plates registered in the Iraqi embassy car. Doctors said they carried out the restoration process in the face of the victim, who disfigured in the attack, in addition to suffering a head injury. The Portuguese police have arrested my son's ambassador to the twins after the incident, which occurred in the "Ponte de Sur" area where the two sons of a trained ambassador to be a pilot in a nearby air base. The police released Alngelin shortly after their arrests, because of the enjoyment of diplomatic immunity in the incident, which caused a sensation in Portugal.