Secrets of the local newspapers published on Monday

Highlights of the secrets of the local newspapers on Monday , August 22 , 2016.

* Day

- Regularize the situation of a large civilian employee is referred to the retirement poses to discuss with candidates for the presidency.

- President of the Christian party believes that agreement on a new election law is not as important as the election of the President of the Republic in order to avoid the risk of falling into a comprehensive vacuum.

- Took the voices inside the party is boycotting the presidential election sessions required to attend.

- Diplomatic circles expect to get agreement on a comprehensive solution in the region under the flow of refugees to the Arab and foreign countries and the approaching specter of famine pressure.

* Ambassador

- A minister warned of a catastrophe at the beginning of the winter season if continued financial and political discretion in dealing with companies that were responsible business sewer maintenance annually.
- It shows that the retailer refused to road projects months ago, so far prevented the implementation of many of the necessary projects, for not too much money exchange them waiting for deciding whether the Council of Ministers.
- One of the candidates put forward to take over the managerial position a complaint against one of its competitors, accusing him of rigging his testimony.

* the future

It said
- The officials in the Vatican are still pursuing their pressure on the major countries as well as on Iran to seek the release of the presidential election in Lebanon, coupled with the cost of the vacuum documents show the Lebanese in general and Christians in particular.
* Maj . Gen.
- President of the Christian party plays a key role in launching balloons optimism about the approach of the presidential election in favor of "General mound!"
- Make sure the minister Gebran Bassil of failure to respond to other ministers with him in the event of his resignation and his companion from the government in protest against the extension of Imad Kahveci commander of the army!
- Questioned the former Minister of Justice what remains of the independence of the judiciary in the case of the current political pressures and continued interventions in the work of the judges!

* News

- Recently appeared in a banner movement in the market for individual weapons, especially in Christian areas, and given some arms dealers matter to the state of anxiety that emerged after the terrorist attacks in the border town of bottom.
- The sources of the Phalange Party said it is expected that the President of the Party MP Sami Gemayel visit Moscow next Wednesday.
Will be accompanied by beautiful to visit each of the minister resigned Alan Hakim and politburo member Fadi Ardo, who first took the initiative to open channels of communication, it has been taking part in the delegation of the political bureau member of the Elias Hankash, among Russian officials who will meet with Gemayel on tour , Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and the aim of the visit is "open relationship and strengthen cooperation with the powerful state in the region and its role, in addition to the fact that Russia pay attention to the Christians in the Orient , " was talking about the intention of the Phalange openness to Russia began in November 2015.
- Archbishop Fourzol and Zahle and the Bekaa for the Greek Melkite Catholic Esam Darwish held on Friday a meeting in Dar es Archdiocese of Our Lady of Deliverance, followed by a luncheon Catholic figures, the goal of it to look at the community conditions and ways of strengthening them.
A number of those who participated in the meeting said he was not looking at any new matter during the meeting. On the contrary, some of those present tried to question about "how to search matters concerning the community, with prominent figures including absent from the meeting, Miriam Skaff Lady of which can not be considered to represent the presence of Michel Skaff, a cousin of her husband." And others "put forward the need to broaden the fan participants to include figures from outside the city."
* Republic

- Preparing a minister who take sovereign bag to intensify steps to push for activating the project had been previously approved.
- It had been notified of the governmental authority watchdog, a report on employee satisfaction in the Agreement to take up a senior official position stating that the latter is not fit for the post.
- Revealed a cabinet that multiple diplomatic visits will follow the recent visit of Egyptian Foreign Minister of Lebanon in the coming period.

* Building
- A former senior official stressed that any launch of a new electoral law will have no room for discussion at any level, whether in the government or in the parliament or in the dialogue committee, if it is not based on the relative, whatever the shape of electoral districts and size, pointing out that the adoption of relative is the only way out of the deadlock based on the presidential and parliamentary and governmental levels.