Accelerated leadership program essential to Saudization success

JEDDAH – As more companies embrace Saudization, they are also concerned that young Saudis are being moved up the organization at such a rapid pace that they may end up taking on senior roles before developing the business acumen and necessary leadership competencies.
Alex Davda, Director of Accelerated Leadership Experience Program at Ashridge, said: “In our years of working with Saudi companies, one of the key concerns highlighted is how to prepare young Saudi leaders, hired as part of Saudization process, to take on the challenges of senior management roles. To help Saudi businesses to effectively handle this issue, we have now customized our Accelerated Leadership Program to help young leaders feel prepared when faced with unexpected and difficult situations. This unique program is based upon extensive research into what experienced leaders know now, as opposed to what they had known 10 years ago. This highly experiential program launches young Saudi leaders into the future by exposing them to real life critical events that experienced leaders say have shaped their successful careers.”
The Accelerated Leadership Program provides a longer-term approach for companies that want their Saudization program to succeed. It allows participants to experience key lessons, and practice responses to critical situations in a safe yet challenging learning environment. In the future, when faced with such real life situations, participants will already know what to do. This experience measures their readiness for leadership and prepares the participants for the challenges that are likely to arise. The physiological experience of the program is monitored through the use of heart rate monitors.
The program will improve the ability to achieve results through:
– stepping up to take real responsibility
– leading in times of rapid change and uncertainty
– handling difficult conversations
– dealing with challenging media and public relations issues
– dealing with complex situations and making effective decisions
– balancing strategic change issues with business as usual
– operating with emotional intelligence and resilience
– and leading across generations and cultures. — SG