Proposal to adopt the German economic experiment in Iraq

8/22/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb
Make economists efforts continuously to choose the best way to achieve development to reassure citizens on the level of service is acceptable and jobs at which he has a decent life in a country like Iraq has several options to achieve an economic revival and seen him to be Eighth economic tiger in the world, especially as the country is able to achieve and imports estimated at $ 4 billion annually through the activation of the agricultural sector exclusively as a first stage.

Jobs and noted the economic member of the Baghdad forum Hadi Hndas in an interview with «morning» to the importance of determining the identity of the Iraqi economy and mechanisms for the benefit of all citizens, pointing the German experience after World war II has achieved great success since adopted a «unique Armick and Odeving» proposal , which combine the advantages of free economy and the socialist theory, and achieved positive gains for the economy included the results of all segments of society and got everyone on jobs and services easily.

Promised international experience « mission »for Iraq managed to move the country lived a harsh decades to important economic blocs in the world , according to Hndas and said that Iraq 's wealth needs to investment strategies that achieve significant economic feasibility of including all slides, pointing to the importance of adopting the style of the social market , which represents a solution is essential to the problems of the economy economy Iraq, which will be determined through primary functions of the government towards the productive and service sectors, as parliament was able to take its oversight role.

Economic blocs social market economy ( in German Soziale Marktwirtschaft) means: economically capitalist system adopts a market economy but rejects capitalist form of absolute also rejects the revolutionary socialist , as it combines acceptance of private ownership of the means of production and private companies with government controls are trying to achieve fair competition, reduce inflation, reduce unemployment, the development of standards for working conditions, and provision of social services, as significant gains achieved fields of freedom of trade , social justice and economic growth within the framework of an economic system and balanced social.

Social market economy Hndas out the possibility of the adoption of the German experiment in Iraq by adopting a range of measures the most important creation of major projects that promote the private sector and dock with the state to enter the social market economy, and the maintenance of the border and the issuance of tariff Kmarkip fair for producer and consumer credit at all border crossing points , as well as electronic government monitors the import licenses issued and implemented actually control trade zones.

Vacations without restrictions and demanded an investment of funds frozen in Iraqi homes through agricultural projects with regard to the agricultural sector and the issuance of licenses without restriction through the single - window system, and then organize courses under the supervision of experiences an international level and create job opportunities for the participants in cooperation with major corporations and medium - sized can of the Forum on Baghdad , the economic contribution of this Ganb.ofatt to the importance of benefiting from the experts in making decisions that concern the agricultural affairs, as well as making an attractive environment for investment and that there is an active role of the media in this aspect, especially this sector could more than $ 4 billion to provide annually the federal public budget as a first stage and the figure rises with the expansion of investments.

Openness to the world while between competent in economic affairs Hasan Ali Abdul Karim need to go hard to achieve the economic development of Iraq through openness to the world and the transfer of successful experiences pointing out that the country is in dire need of starting sectors that achieve rapid economic feasibility and available have the ingredients for success, including the agricultural sector , which has all the rapid development of qualifications.

He pointed out that most of the country after World war II was able to achieve significant developmental renaissance despite the economic collapse injury , where certain economic policies adopted Iraq can be adopted at the present time to promote the production and service sectors , and find solutions to the problems of youth economic solutions.