Government reports: plans to achieve a quantum leap in the production and export of oil

8/22/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate
Is every indication that Iraq is on the verge of an increase in crude oil production in the coming period amid limited global demand currently it is there may be a core strategy in the market implications of direct downshift them , including limiting the repercussions of the oil prices on the economy , requiring the country.

In this affairs , said the economist d. Ahmed Abrihi: The additional demand for crude oil is limited and suggests that Iraq 's oil program will get caught tight market, but the actual output will be editable as to help avoid Iraq 's substantial loss due to lack of suitable investments with actual ones Revenue traded for oil demand growth in the time estimates being affected by the path of growth in developed countries in recent years and the results of the recent international financial crisis.

He Abrihi in an interview with «morning» Do not rely break - ins in the market to absorb Iraq 's oil only on the increase in demand , but to compensate the decline of existing sources of view, and in any case would be Iraq played a major role in the energy markets so that price is no longer completely given from outside , but to decide on the production and export a substantial impact on prices when it becomes one of the largest producers of two in the world, and this additional element is of fundamental and strategic implications require preparedness.

He Abrihi to reports that the Ministry of oil and contractual obligations with foreign companies that Iraq started executing the plans lead to a quantum leap in the production and export potential size, and it seems that the harmony of interests between Iraq and the world will help to overcome the difficulties, but it does not stop drilling and construction of wells , but the synchronization logical progressions in programs complementary projects to create sufficient water and systems of storage and topical aggregate and transport networks and pumping and loading docks are all export pipelines are necessary to reach the goals.

He pointed out that the large number of points possible disability had to beware of the slowdown and lag, and require the critical importance of the energy sector in Iraq intensive care all risk geopolitical elements.

He continued apparently the remaining years of the oil program is sufficient to achieve the goals with an abundance of funding, since there is no need to extend the pipeline projects to more than three years on average in the Middle East, and projects reservoirs less than that and projects crude oil development and extraction of gas is not the big ones more than four years.

He concluded Abrihi to say: Iraqi scenario high requires for the development of crude oil to expand technical capabilities and increase the number of employment opportunities and accelerate drilling operations and build adequate storage capacities and the creation of sufficient water to raise the reservoir pressure and the capabilities of high transmission pipeline network down to the stings export deal of flexibility and the surplus that allows maneuvering and therefore we hope the ministries of oil, electricity, industry to prepare cost estimates based on the accounts of sufficient detail and scrutiny of the prices and the available data for similar activities in other countries, that the internal use of oil and gas and energy refineries need to be reviewed, and that economic growth estimates related to the program oil negligible.

Abrihi ended his speech by referring to US crude subject , saying: global reports have painted a huge picture projected for the US in the oil and gas extraction renaissance of non - conventional sources (Stones shale) containing inside hydrocarbons extracted Ptthagebha or broken, and is now well known that have a broad role in redrawing the energy map of the world, and its implications in the markets and tracks the international trade of energy, but estimates about the future of non - traditional sources of oil in Canada and the United States is not stable and extracted from the cavities of rocks as well as the adoption of the way the mechanical works of great force and the use of amounts from great water to drill the wells themselves, that horizontal drilling referred to in international reports is not to search for reservoirs but continue to break up the rocks to extract oil and gas, while the extraction of oil from oil stones oil steel needed to melt the stones in place of compressed to the top and usually this kind be heavy requires extra processors to continue to pay tubes.