Kirkuk claim entitlement renewed calls for the distribution of the budget to the provinces to "justice . "

2016-08-21 21:45:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Kirkuk

Renewed the administration of Kirkuk, on Sunday, the call for "non - deprived" preservation of financial and constitutional rights, and the inclusion of the Peshmerga financial allocations who defended the province and the displaced and the inclusion of the families of martyrs privileges , similar to the Iraqi security forces, and called for the adoption of "justice , " the distribution of benefits to the provinces and "ensure their rights without discrimination ", while the parliamentary Finance Committee expressed its support for the " just demands "of the Department of Kirkuk and ensure" rights "Peshmerga budget, and urged them to postpone the return of displaced people to their homes to Anbar while securing their services.

This came during a meeting with the governor of Kirkuk, today, Chairman of the parliamentary finance committee, a group of members of the Committee, in his office at the Diwan of the province, the center of the city of Kirkuk (250 km north of Baghdad), in the presence of a group of deputies from the province.

And accept the governor of Kirkuk, during the meeting, economic, humanitarian and security challenges facing Kirkuk, in the light received more than 600 thousand displaced people, and their response to terrorism, and denial of constitutional and financial dues.

Karim said, " The Kirkuk and its departments service is facing great pressure it is difficult to afford in light of the continuing IDP crisis and the failure to allocate part of the provinces that were displaced to the budgets, as well as non - observance of its share of electricity, fuel, medicines and other essential supplies, and most importantly, non - payment the federal government dues, including those of the peasants past three agricultural seasons, and the lack of support for education and education sectors in the light received more than 70 thousand students own schools , and more than 20 thousand sites alternative to universities and institutes. "

He called the governor of Kirkuk during the meeting, the need to "parliamentary Finance Committee to include the Peshmerga financial allocations in Kirkuk for its role supervisor to defend the people of Kirkuk and the displaced families and vital installations , " stressing the importance of" the inclusion of the families of the martyrs of the Peshmerga special privileges those appointments , similar to the Iraqi security forces."

He called cream, the parliamentary finance committee, to the "adoption of justice in the distribution of benefits to the provinces and to ensure their rights without discrimination , " expressing his extreme displeasure with "failure to extend the Kirkuk elections to the provincial councils, in a new confiscation of the constitutional rights of its people, and treated some of the ministries disruptive to move the constitutional powers of the province ".

For his part, Chairman of the Finance Committee of Representatives, Mohammed Halbusi, " The Committee began visiting the provinces from Kirkuk, to find out the needs and observations to take into account the federal budget for the new year 2017, which we will proceed prepared over the next few days , " likely "the House of Representatives approval of the draft law the new budget before the end of the current year 2016 ".

He Halbusi, his support for " the just demands of the Department of Kirkuk", pledging that "not include them in the new federal budget , " noting that " the Finance Committee will work to ensure the benefits of the Peshmerga in Kirkuk within the budget and the inclusion of the families of the martyrs under the privileges granted the Iraqi security forces and popular crowd ".

The head of the parliamentary finance committee, that " the Commission called on the governor of Kirkuk to delay the return of the displaced people of Anbar to their homes until the insurance services in the cities of the province liberated , " and expressed hope that " the administration of Kirkuk react to it, especially in light of the evidence provided by the people of the province of the commendable efforts for displaced people during the last two years."

The Ministry of Finance, announced (18 August 2016 current), presented the draft of the financial budget of the state of the 2017 Act, to the Council of Ministers.

The governor of Kirkuk, said during a meeting, US Ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, on Saturday, ( the twentieth of August now), the pursuit of Kirkuk administration to ensure "not to repeat the " depriving people of the province, from the "constitutional and legal rights" that some are trying to "seize ", their share of the financial and run for local elections, returned to edit Hawija contribute to ensuring the security of the rest of the provinces.