Oil Minister stresses the need to increase the pace of working wells in the Basra-run "Kuwait Energy"


The Minister of Oil Jabbar defect, on Sunday, on the need to increase the pace of work in the geographical area wells ninth, Basra province, which lies on the agenda of the company "Kuwait Energy" [Kuwait Energy].

A statement by the ministry, said the oil minister, "met at his office in Baghdad, CEO Sara Akbar, and her deputy, Mohammed Abbush, was discussed during the meeting to increase the production of the geographical area of ​​nine, which fall within the company's business and to discuss production levels, it turned out so far and the desired levels during the coming period and within a specific timeframe. "

The oil minister "the need to increase production in a well-Fayhaa / 1, which now produces five thousand barrels a day and complete the rest of the wells within the area ninth."

He called for the coffee, "the company's need to continue and speed up the process of drilling the remaining wells for the purpose of increasing production," stressing "the need of the extraction process associated gas investment and turn it into electrical power stations in Basra province to be used as fuel to run them."

For its part the company's CEO Sara Akbar, Kuwait, Oil Minister congratulated on the occasion of receiving the new office, vowing to exert all efforts in order to speed up the pace of work to get to the desired production levels. "