Alnasiri: The Central Bank 's strategy achieved financial stability, inclusive and banking reform

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Economy News / Baghdad ..

Said banking expert Samir Nasiri said the government and the private banking sector faces challenges and obstacles in the present time and the effects and implications of the crisis economic and financial through which Iraq on leasing and investment activity for banks

He added that Alnasiri important and basic tastiest my role needs to be done by the Central Bank of Iraq is to achieve financial stability and banking reform by activating the mechanisms and procedures operational strategy for Snoat2016-2020

Alnasiri He pointed out a number of proposals to build stability in the financial system and support the development and reform of the banking sector, including re-citizens and customers in the banking sector of Iraq, particularly the private banks the confidence, and work to increase the proportion of savings in the banks to the proportion of compactness outside banks reaching savings of 23% ratio and compactness 77 ..%, and the completion of structural and technical underpinnings of pre-emptive censorship.

As well as the activation procedures for the establishment of institutions and the issuance of guarantee deposits and credit laws.

He stressed the need to review and evaluate the results of operations of banks and reclassified by accredited international companies. And to identify weak banks that need the intervention of the Central Bank of Iraq to restore its activity and bankruptcy protection. Assist and support the banks, which have been hurt in the provinces income Daesh.

Window treatments sell the currency and try to find alternatives instead
He Alnasiri the importance of strengthening the central bank in the financing of small and medium-sized projects and initiatives which contribute to the revitalization of the economic cycle and the diversification of the general budget for 2016 resources.

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