Electoral Commission: the demand for voter registration update is reassuring

2016/8/21 19:03

[Oan- Baghdad]

Chairman of the electoral administration in the election commission Mohsen al-Moussawi announced the increase in the frequency of updating the voter Bayomtrella record and exceeding the ceiling of 30 000 per day in the case of registration of the provinces covered by the election boards governorates not organized province.

Moussawi said according to a statement from the Commission, said that "the increase in the voter's visit to the Centers for update log reassuring in the interest of the Iraqi voters to update its data and participation in the upcoming elections."

He stressed, "The provinces of Kurdistan and Kirkuk province continues to voter registration Bayomtrella a daily boat 10 000 registration status," he said, adding, "The voter registration in the Ministry of the Interior [your vote] to the Kurdistan region has reached 35 percent of the number of employees of the ministry's continuous work in the recording process Albaaomitri ".

Musawi called "social actors, civil society organizations and all voters to review the voter registration update deployed in 13 provinces to review the update log centers for the purpose of registering voters in preparation for the preparation of a sober record centers."

The Electoral Commission opened a voter registration update centers on August 10 current and ends on 31 of the same month, in preparation for provincial elections non-performing councils in the province in 2017.