Sources: Al-Maliki oversaw sending "100" Iraqi fighters to Syria and why!

21-08-2016 03:05 PM

Orbit news.

Political sources close to the crowd, former Prime Minister and leader of ' Da'wa ' Maliki oversaw himself finally on recruitment and send fighters to support the regime's President, Bashar Al-Assad, in the context of recruitment campaigns organized by parties loyal to Iran in Iraq to support the regime.

Political sources said in a press statement, that ' Maliki called Saturday, about 100 party oversaw the recruitment of fighters, mostly children of the marsh areas in Basra and Amara and Thi, which suffers from high rates of poverty among its citizens by more than 40 per cent.

Volunteers receive for fighting alongside the Assad regime towards million Iraqi dinars, or roughly $ 800 a month, and only one of them recognizes them monthly from various inside Iraq, doesn't know exactly where it came from, whether from Government funds or donations to religious offices, or from the Iranian regime.

According to sources, ' Maliki that came into his quest to earn Tehran, seeking to return to the Prime Minister, under intense problems within Government, Haider Abadi, and calls for early elections.

And farewell ceremony for new militants in a building near the green zone, the central Baghdad, for an hour, which gave al-Maliki a PEP talk that ' common destiny in Iraq and Syria, according to the source.

For his part, said a senior leader in the popular crowd, as ' new Mujahideen will join with the rest of their brothers in Syria to fight the forces of colonialism and Zionism and paraphernalia ', he said.

Sheikh Hussein Al-Rikabi, the ' front one, those powers victory means survival of Palestine under Israeli occupation, and eliminating them first.

And imitates ' Dawa ', led by Maliki, the Iranian Authority Mahmoud shahroodi, who decreed two years ago ' that Jihad in Syria ', which may explain part of the party's involvement in the killing machine of the Syrian people.