Hadithi: Cabinet began to discuss the budget for a vote before the beginning of a new financial year {Extender}

: 2016/8/21 17:36

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Press Office spokesman for the Prime Minister, Saad Al-Hadithi, start the Cabinet discussion items and paragraphs of the draft budget submitted by the Treasury Board in order to speed adoption of draft and submitted it to the Parliament early in order for Parliament to vote on it before the start of the new fiscal year.

Hadithi said in a statement, a copy of {Euphrates news} "day House approval on five trusting Ministers who submitted them Haidar Abadi Prime came as an important step in the Government's reform path, as new Ministers meet the standards and specifications of technocrats and experts understand specialize in their field and have a long career and years of service accumulated managerial experience in her chosen by ministries or other State institutions previously made Haydar Abadi mostly technocrats and list names are Not from politicos and that an important evolution is happening for the first time at the level of Commission portfolios and falls under the reform programme adopted by Haidar Abadi regarding professional standards and requirements for the assignment of senior government posts and involvement of management competencies and Iraqi responsibility and management of State Affairs, this step constitutes the beginning of quality to work according to this vision, as the Prime Minister determined to disseminate this approach at the level of the Presidency of the autonomous bodies and agencies and the rest of the top positions in the State and would stand for such positions available In front of the required specifications and conditions apply and away from political affiliations and that's what works to achieve Haidar Abadi soon. "

He noted that "within the framework of continued government action to strengthen the security system and upgrade Iraq security capabilities and take advantage of all the advanced tools in strengthening security effort and update methods and develop the plans that the NEB and employ electronic surveillance and communications and increased reliance on intelligence effort to detect and pursue and prosecute terrorist and criminal elements and cells, aThe Cabinet decided to form a higher Committee includes representatives of the ministries of defence, Interior and communications, electricity and national security advisers in Baghdad governorate, and her powers of seeking the opinion of the need of specialists to study the draft integrated control system for the city of Baghdad and develop mechanisms and ways of implementation required according to the consultancy study output provided by an international company specialized in this aspect and prioritize the implementation of the project according to its recommendations, the Ministry of communications to provide support in terms of infrastructure with all the available technologies and logistics for success This strategic project in coordination with ministries and the relevant authorities. "

Newly completed by saying "in the same context, the Cabinet decided to allot some eight billion dinars from the emergency reserve to the national security advisers to provide technical services for signal intelligence system."

The Government, despite the critical financial conditions and complex economic situations and pressing expenses and determine priorities in spending, it strives to improve the health situation and raise the level of medical and therapeutic services provided by our heroic troops fighters and Iraqi citizens and attaches great importance to the fact that this sector of health services contribute to supporting Iraqi forces combat effort through wounded care and securing the necessary therapy as well as providing essential medical care for the rest of the Iraqi citizens.

When completed in this side Cabinet approved by the Ministry of planning to include 400-bed capacity hospital projects that reached completion percentage to five and 80 percent more within strategic projects to ensure complete delivery under bond and obliging Ministry of health to complete these hospitals.

"In the Cabinet of the Ministry of health to announce the purchase of ambulances available at the Ministry and sum of 20 billion from 2015 to coordinate with the Ministry of finance in the amount spent on balancing 2016 and the Health Ministry authorization to establish technical specifications and the number and types of cars."

"These decisions come to develop the infrastructure of the health sector and increase the capacity of the Government hospitals and adding new health facilities with medical installations and equipment".

Hadithi said "in the context of upgrading State performance and provide needed services to the citizen and actually improve living conditions of Iraqis, the Government continues to follow its procedures to achieve this end, which attached great many strategic projects affecting the citizen's lives and rendered many decisions to actually improve service in different provinces of Iraq following the steps taken by the Government regarding the provision of basic services to Basra in electricity and address the problem of salinity and provide drinking water for Basra as well as Government efforts to develop the marsh areas and improve the living reality, The Cabinet decision came to address SOA problems afflicting Essaouira through its sanitation project funded by six billion dinars to resume its Chinese company in completing parts that started in addition to financing housing and Municipal Department $ 2 billion dinars to complete municipal services in Essaouira.

Stamping Office spokesman Abadi "commitment of the Government to adopt the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq according to the selected time ceilings in the Financial Administration Act of State, the Cabinet began discussion of the items and the draft budget submitted by the Treasury Board in order to speed adoption of draft and submitted it to the Parliament early in order for Parliament to vote on it before the start of the new fiscal year to ensure regular functioning of the State institutions and the lack of any reluctance or confusion in government performance and satisfaction Government financial requirements necessary for its continued work smoothly in various institutions, as a result of the delay, which could happen if the budget Act legislation was delayed.