A business can use ports الحدودیه لتصدیر goods to Iraq

21/08/2016 18:24

Tehran/21 August, IRNA-التجاری Chancellor of patient Baghdad, Ebrahim Rezazadeh till not to keep the goods storing periods in Baghdad ports داعیا الایرانیین businessmen and merchants to Sumar ports and Mehran weshlmgh لتسهیل وذلک الحدودیه attractive job تصدیر goods to Iraq.

Rezazadeh pointed day Sunday till that's better for business الایرانیین to Sumar-الحدودی port read gov Kord and Mehran ایلام County in port and attractive port الحدودی in Khuzestan Province لتصدیر their goods to Iraq pointing to that use these ports سیساعد to desirable goods arrive till landing areas are quick to frame these goods would maintain desirable اکبر quality and integrity are.
He said that the volume of goods coming from the University الکبیر وایران واقلیم کردستان Iraq stalled when Baghdad ports ادی to the survival of these goods for periods of storing up indicative till several days.
He drew some of these goods to expose corruption and damage due to high temperatures and scarce fuel and الکهرباء wards.
یذکر التجاری that exchange between Iran and Iraq during the year amounted to الماضی $ ملیار 13.

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