Opening a plastic mat in Nasiriyah factory at a cost of 2 billion dinars

Sunday August 21st, 2016-1:57 pm

DHI inaugurated Governor Yahya Nazarene plastic mat lab Sunday in Nasiriyah tissue lab to attend a number of officials from the Ministry of industry and local government.

Nasseri said in a statement llmrbed that the new lab and created regional development and customizations cost 2 billion Iraqi dinars from the plants is important in maintaining productivity and production capacity estimated at 220 000 pieces annually in different sizes at competitive for the local market.

Nasseri pointed out that all government departments in dealing with the new plant products to support local industry.

This project is a regional development plan customizations for 2012 and cost 2 billion Iraqi dinars and that the process of pitching machines and equipment was in collaboration with a local company.