The reconstruction of Basra criticizing the industry giants merge resolution and fertilizer "arbitrary" decision.

21/08/2016 13:23

Development and reconstruction Committee criticized in Basra, the Ministry of industry and mining in southern Fertilizer Company merge with Peggy in back that decision "arbitrary and drain the capacity of members of the South fertilizers, iron and steel processing company said oil Ministry helical tubes, indicating that the pipes at an estimated 100 km distance fitted to one of the oil projects in the province.

She said the Chairman of the Committee on development and reconstruction in Basra flower albegari, the Ministry of industry and minerals an arbitrary decision to integrate southern fertilizer company with fertilizers Peggy to pay employees of the Baiji fertiliser ", usually this decision" arbitrary, the employees of southern fertilizer company.

Albegari criticized the "two companies merge resolution because the company is militarily and Baiji, unproductive and does not exist on the ground today, and at the same time will pay for affiliates and drain the southern fertilizer staff capacity, and this is prejudicial to the sons of Basra."

She continued, "in albegari in southern fertilizer company opens new production lines, we find today attempts to the Central Government through the relevant ministries to stop producing this company cut electricity by not providing sufficient gas to the lab to run the Western region station", adding that "according to the Basra gas company gas available to meet local demand for Basra."

And invited the Chairman of the Committee to the need to "stand with southern fertilizer company staff and camaraderie to repel attempts to shut down their production and prevention of stick their wheel sets", stating that "the local Government stands with them to sustain their production at present."

And General fertilizer industry company were affiliated to the Ministry of industry and minerals, announced last June from 2016 production thousand tons per day of urea and confirmed their pursuit of doubling production capacities to meet the needs of the country after the restart line one in Basra, fertilizer plants indicated that its production of urea is marketed to the Ministry of agriculture.

In the same context the company Manager said Abbas about, that iron and steel plant in Basra with helical tubes produced Qatar 16 _ 48 inch and an estimated 100 km in length to the oil Ministry asked via a formal letter to provide water injection project in Northern vine on oil projects.

Added to this, the quantity that was produced for the Ministry of oil means a contract with our company, but an order by a good amount and longer augurs to complete procedures for hiring us and the oil Ministry for their supply piping for oil projects ", noting that" orders that offer by State ministries and institutions of public sector production contribute to develop iron and steel plant and the introduction of modern equipment able to prepare any type of orders of piping and other iron production and hope to continue these orders for continued production.

Company Manager, said that "production capacity of iron and steel plant up to about 200, 000 tons annually and currently produces sizes and diameters from 16 to 48 inch websmakat 4, 7 to 16 mm and there is potential for the development of the plant to produce some 120 mm tube Qatar but currently oil Ministry orders are within our production parameters.

Iron and steel plant that had produced earlier in the pipeline for about 4 km in length to the oil pipelines company plus about 2 km to the South oil company and project to a company affiliated to Ibn Majid Ministry of industry and minerals iron pillars to bridge the Shatt al-Arab on request.