Services Committee discussed the law of electronic signature and electronic transactions
On: Saturday 21/04/2012 15:21

Baghdad (news) .. The Committee of the services and construction under the leadership of the parliamentary Vian intruder Saturday seminar attendees hear eating which examine the draft law of electronic signature and electronic transactions and discuss the proposals and amendments submitted by specialists on the articles of the law.
A statement from the House of Representatives received the Agency (news) copy of it:, the Chairman of the Committee Vian intruder Shiddaly the need to speed up the enactment of the electronic signature and electronic transactions in order to initiate the practice, especially since the application will reflect positively in many ministries and government institutions when handling a project of e-government , and pointed out that the law presented by the Council of Ministers has the first reading to him in the House of Representatives.
The statement added: For his part, MP Baqir al-Zubaidi, the importance of activating the law and work in all its aspects and to be more inclusive, depending on government transactions, called the tendency not to complicate the steps to enact the law serve the public interest.
The statement noted: that the representatives of the Ministry of Communications that the credit goes to and visited in the adoption of this project, demanding that its association with the company's General Services to the international network of information of the ministry.
In turn, expressed faith Mohammadi MP Member Services Committee and reconstruction support for the request of the Ministry of Communications in order to gain time in order to speed up the success of this project.
The statement stressed: that the Commission services and reconstruction demanded all the relevant authorities to make recommendations and the notes to the bill to study it and present it to the second reading in the House of Representatives for a vote on the law.
This seminar was attended by members of the Committee and MP Baqer al-Zubaidi and advisor to the House of Representatives Affairs and Chairman of the technological media, communications and adviser to the Ministry of Science and Technology and representatives of the Ministries of Communications and Justice and the Central Bank.