Baghdad municipality guide municipalities to increase the collection of funds

2016/8/21 13:18

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} directed Baghdad municipality, municipal services not depending on budget and finance their activities through collecting more funds during the current year and future years.

According to a statement by the Secretariat, received {Euphrates news}, copy, "directed its departments not to rely on the general budget and service activities of its revenues through levying more funds this year and the coming years especially after urbanization and implement service projects and tourist trade mission that will encourage many wishing to rent a new property in the capital Baghdad.

The Secretariat invited, according to the statement, "shopkeepers to cooperate and deal with payment to employ funds collected in providing better services to citizens and perform some service projects.

"Baghdad imports Act stipulates that each of the profession to pay 10% of the amount of annual rent and also draw advertising anyone announce themselves in public streets and shop Windows and business events and leisure and tourism and civil education and other events that are pitching ads."

The fees also include raising salaries for all non-residential activities determined by the nature of each activity and are estimated by the municipality of Baghdad a month ".