Saudi newspaper has accused Iran of trying to assassinate Sabhan across Shiite factions and blame the "defense"

Twilight News / Middle East accused the newspaper, Almqrbhmn ruling authority in Saudi Arabia, Iran of masterminding an attempt to assassinate Riyadh's ambassador in Baghdad, by Iraqi Shi'ite factions.
The newspaper quoted unnamed sources, "said the militia was directly linked to Iran, most notably Khorasan Brigades, a group working with the Secretary General of the forces of Abu al Fadl al Abbas Aws al-Khafaji, which is a component of a prominent in the popular crowd," according to the Middle East. It added that it was discovered one of the planners Brigades Khorasan, while recently demonstrated a new scheme landmarks, led by Aws al-Khafaji. Iraqi security official revealed information relating to one of the assassination attempts Ambassador Sabhan, and said that the plan was "summed up to intercept the Saudi ambassador's convoy on the road to Baghdad International Airport car wheel drive plates fakes back the Interior Ministry, the implementation of the assassination attempt by RPG shells 7 anti-tank, and and then flee to Sunni Radwaniyah area, in order to disguise the security services about the implementing agency and assigned to organize Daesh. " Furthermore, another source said that Ambassador Sabhan "submitted a request to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense to secure a helicopter to take him to the airport, but the ministry rejected the request."