Iran calls for activating the free trade agreement with Iraq

The head of the Trade Development Organization of Iran Waliullah Afkhami rad, in a meeting with Assistant Iraqi Trade Minister and his accompanying delegation to Baghdad to activate the Free Trade Agreement , which was signed with Tehran.
Afkhami Rudd pointed out that Iran and Iraq have signed a trade agreement in 2014, and that their implementation will directly affect to raise the level of bilateral trade, adding that the two countries that they could Icheraa preferential trade, the need to work towards the removal of tariffs of some commodities.
He said, the fact that Iran near the border of Iraq and the long common, making the economic cooperation between the two feasible, stressing the need to raise the level of economic and trade relations between the two countries to the level of their political relations.
He noted head of Iran 's Trade Development Organization, a vast reconstruction operations to be carried out after the liberation of Iraq from the grip of its regions Daesh, declaring readiness of Iranian companies to contribute to this process.