Larijani receives al - Jubouri: Iraq 's unity and sovereignty , an important principle of the stability of the region

The president of the Shura Council, Ali Larijani, during a meeting with Parliament Speaker Salim al-Iraqi, the unity of Iraq and its sovereignty over its territory, which he has importance to Iran and the region.
He said Larijani in a press conference held on Saturday with al-Jubouri, "the unity of Iraq and its sovereignty over its territory has the interest to the Islamic Republic", and stressed that this issue "an important principle for the stability of the region."
He said Larijani that he discussed with al-Jubouri, the development of relations economic relations between the two countries in all fields, as well as the problems faced by traders Iranians recently, in addition to a "crisis of terrorism and harmony political in Iraq and the crisis security in the region that is inseparable from the problems of Interior that has plagued Iraq ".
For his part, al-Jubouri confirmed that the decision-makers in Iraq and government institutions are calling for a strong relationship with Iran, is also calling for a doubling of bridges of cooperation between the two Pmaیkhaddm interests of the government and the Iraqi people.
Jubouri said that "Iraq is currently facing a security crisis real and manifested this Bdaash crisis and terrorist groups, so call to pause real by friends and neighbors as well as Iraq in order to overcome the crisis."
The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, arrived in Tehran earlier on Saturday, part of an official visit to discuss with Iranian officials many issues of common concern, especially the fight against Daesh in the zone file.