Zarif Jabouri: Iran stands by Iraq whatever the circumstances
[Aan- Baghdad]
The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif parking Tehran alongside Iraqi people and government , whatever the circumstances, describing Iraq as standing in the front line to confront terrorism and extremism.
He praised Zarif, during a meeting with Iraq 's parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri , in Tehran, political stability prevailing in Iraq and the role of leaders in this country, especially the President of the House of Representatives in the docking.
He expressed his confidence that the triumph of Iraq in the final battle with terrorism in Mosul , thanks to the unity and cohesion among all ethnic groups and sects and sects in this country also achieved a victory in the fight against extremism and terrorism so far.
He warned the Iranian foreign minister of foreign hands , which plans to fan the flames of differences in Iraq and the region, stressing the need to address all Iraqis of all ethnic groups and sects and creeds of terrorism and extremism.
He Zarif expressed satisfaction because all Iraqi leaders feel responsible and share the views in this regard, praising the role of the religious authority in Iraq , calling for all the people to unite.
He noted the important role played by Iraq in the region, adding, "we imagine that cooperation in the region should be a presence and participation All countries and that Iran opposes any attempts aimed to foment conflict or competition is healthy because the creation of crises and stirring tensions by some countries detriment of all the peoples of the region. "
he stressed that to ensure that there should be no one to play in the land of those who want the good of the region and its interests and be stability the calm and the preservation of the territorial integrity of the countries of the region is a priority for everyone.
for his part , praised the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , the overall support provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran for all the Iraqi people in their fight against terrorism.
he described Iran , the country is extremely important and influential in the region, saying that terrorism is a threat More importantly , which threatens the entire region currently, stressing the need for solidarity and unity in order to defeat terrorism and restore calm and stability to Iraq.
He stressed that his country is on the verge of total victory to organize Daesh terrorist, adding that Iran 's role in the region undeniable and indispensable, valuing standing alongside the Iraqi people.
He called al - Jubouri to strengthen ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran at various levels.