Abadi will be presented to the parliament 's 20 independent bodies to manage

08/20/2016 18:42:15

BAGHDAD / obelisk: MP Salim Chawki, Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will present three candidates for the vacant ministries and 20 figure to fill the independent bodies own behalf during the hearing next Tuesday.

Said Shawki, told the local media, pursued "obelisk", "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi violated the agreement with the political blocs and included the formation of a joint committee specializes work set conditions and mechanisms for accepting candidates to be selected in accordance with the rules laid down such Tsenmanm in charge of the portfolios managed," noting that "Abadi did not abide by the agreement mentioned and worked on were excluded personalities away from the political blocs."

He added that "the Prime Minister told the House of Representatives to submit candidates for the ministries of industry, trade and internal, in addition to twenty Personal hold positions independent bodies on my own in the planned meeting, to be held next Tuesday," adding that "members of parliament will vote for the most competent after reviewing CVs."