Calls for the financing of small and medium enterprises

8/21/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
She stressed the researcher Aya Adel importance of awareness campaigns for young people in order to indicate the role of private banks in the economy and its responsibility in the social side, pointing to the need to afford the new generation of responsibility and be eligible through her ​​Ivaih financial obligations and repay money borrowed from the banks, noting that the comprehensive development achieved coordinate the work and the allocation of responsibilities among all parties involved in the process Economic.

And the importance of public-private partnership and its impact in the development of a just: that the economic situation taking place in the country requires the provision of legal and legislative environment where the sound of the new laws Ataatqata with the other window, pointing to the existence of efforts for years to achieve this partnership , she said.

Fair and called for the strengthening of the partnership with the private sector and provide all the facilities that contribute to facilitate the performance of his work to the fullest, indicating the need to benefit from the developments that the country witnessed in the past years in various fields, especially economic.

It showed that international experiences have proved the success of the partnership being systematically lead to the achievement of the results of the intervention in the development aspects of economic and social development and delivery of high - quality projects and programs.

The Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks, Wissam Fattouh, said during the Forum activities organized by the Union of Arab Banks titled which will be held in Sharm el - Sheikh, the Union of Arab Banks introduced four initiatives to combat the financing terrorism.

He explained that the first outreach, seminars and conferences programs, and partnership between the public and private sector initiative, pointing out that he can not fight terrorism only by strengthening the communication between all banking, judicial and security apparatuses.

He stressed the importance of encouraging small and medium enterprises financing, creating jobs and combating unemployment because it is the most powerful ways to combat terrorism, and the Financial and culture of inclusiveness initiative, anti - terrorist ideological thought.