Iron and steel , oil pipes , spiral processed and stresses: Ministries orders will increase and the evolution of our production

2016-08-20 20:34:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

General Company for Iron and Steel in Basra province announced on Saturday, will be processed and the oil ministry pipes , spiral, with an estimated distance of 100 km of one of the oil projects in the province indicated that the pipeline fitted, confirmed that the ministerial orders will contribute to the development and increase production in the company.

He said the company 's director Abbas about the "iron and steel plant in Basra produced helical tube diameter of 16 _ 48 Lynch and the amount of estimated distance of 100 km in length to the Oil Ministry , which requested through an official letter for the purpose of supplying water injection project in the north of Karma within the oil projects."

He added about, that "this quantity that was produced for the Ministry of Oil does not mean a contract with our company, but an order amount of good and is a good omen for the completion of the contract between us and the Ministry of Oil measures to equip pipelines projects oil , " adding that "orders that offer by the state ministries and institutions the public sector contributes to the development of production of iron and steel plant and the introduction of modern equipment enables the processing of any kind of orders of pipes and other steel production and we hope that these orders will continue for the continuation of production. "

He said the company 's director, " The production capacity of the plant iron and steel up to about 200,000 tons per year and currently produces sizes and diameters of 16 to 48 Lynch and thicknesses from 4.7 to 16 mm , and there are possibilities for the development of the plant to reach production of tube diameter of about 120 mm , but the Oil Ministry orders at the present time we are within the determinants of the production of our company. "

The iron and steel plant had produced earlier in the pipeline to extend a distance of about 4 km in length to the oil pipeline company in addition to about 2 km to the project for the South Oil Company and to bin Majed company affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals pillars iron bridge Shatt al - Arab , upon request .