Larijani address the obstacles that traders faced by Iranians in Iraq
14:28 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that his talks with his Iraqi counterpart, Salim al-Jubouri on ways to find a solution to the crisis, terrorism and the promotion of political rapprochement in Iraq.
Larijani, in a statement during a joint news conference with his Iraqi counterpart, Salim al-Jubouri, in Tehran, said that another aspect of the negotiations between the two sides dealt with the security crisis in the region is far from the internal problems in Iraq.
He continued, that it is obvious that we are concerned with Iraq about the fate of Muslims in the region.
Iraq and described the country's half-brother and a friend as the two peoples joined as the bonds and close throughout the ages, stressing parking people and government of Iran to the side of the people and the government in Iraq during cornering and difficult conditions that this country witnessed.
He pointed out that Iraq is a rich country and the roots of his people hit in history, adding that Iran hopes to be at her side stands tall and strong is always the promise of an Iraq and its territorial integrity an important principle to stabilize the region.
He noted that his talks with al-Jubouri and his accompanying delegation also discussed strengthening economic ties with Iraq at various levels associated, as has been pointed through the obstacles that traders Iranians are facing in Iraq, hoping at the same time finding solutions to these problems and the occurrence of a quantum leap in terms of trade relations between the two countries.
He said Larijani said cooperation between the two countries in order to find a political and security stability in the region, is one of the threads that hold the attention of Iran and Iraq together.
He expressed the hope that culminated in the visit of President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the accompanying delegation to Tehran and that the success yielded strengthen ties between the two countries in Almstqubl.anthy