Iraq: 21 international investigators to examine the prime ministers of corruption files
Baghdad , Ahmed al - Nuaimi and Ali al - Husseini
August 20, 2016

Informed government sources within the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, "the new Arab", the 21 international investigators will arrive in Baghdad at the end of this month to start an investigation into financial corruption files, based on a memorandum of understanding signed by the Iraqi government with the United Nations last week

This comes amid a great interception by Iraqi political parties considered the government's move as casting doubt on the judiciary and allowing insulting the important figures in the country through her interrogation by international specialists. -

According to private sources in the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, speaking for "the new Arab", the international investigators, all Western, except for Arabic and one from Jordan, were given full freedom to scan files and documents and review the records and documents of the ministries and the central bank and the Financial Inspection Office in Baghdad, In light of the agreement with the United Nations last week.

The prime minister, Haidar al-Abbadi, a formal request from the United Nations assist in revealing the fate of the $ 361 billion is missing from the budgets of the country between 2004 and 2014, as well as the fate of the thousands of projects and investments in electricity, housing and agriculture sectors.

And in spite of the state spending on those sectors a total of $ 98 billion over ten years.

According to the same sources, the team awarded the investigation with the former prime minister, Iyad Allawi, the validity of illusion (2004 to 2005) and Ibrahim al-Jaafari (2005 to 2006) and Nuri al-Maliki (2006 to 2014), as well as former ministers.

The team will be able to investigate those responsible who are currently out of the country, thanks to the status of the UN team, which enables him so.

Efforts to fight corruption in Iraq since 2003, did not succeed, and even now, as reports indicate that the total thefts of public money in the country amounted to about $ 850 billion.

The cause of corruption in the institutions and departments of the Iraqi state in many of the security and economic problems, prompting thousands of Iraqis to get out in massive demonstrations demanding the submission of the corrupt to justice.

And demanded Iraqi politicians, on several occasions, bringing in experts and international investigators to uncover the files of corruption in the Iraqi government and its various institutions, to banish the specter of political and partisan armed and effects of the investigation, and to be fair and impartial and independent.

The office issued Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a statement, last Thursday, in which he stated that "the Iraqi side signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Organization, in order to bring in international investigators and the involvement of specialists, to detect large files of corruption in the country."

This comes at a time when popular demands in Iraq continues to expose the corruption of large files, Kcefqat arms and explosives detectors and oil licensing rounds that has wasted billions of dollars from the state budget.

And facing the Iraqi Integrity Commission, specialized in exposing corruption files, accusations of not being serious in resolving those files and cover up the other by the jurists, politicians and protesters demanding the body need to resolve those outstanding issues after the detection of the Iraqi people and present them to justice.

Observers considered that the participation of international investigators in uncovering the corruption in Iraq comes in continuation of the political reforms launched by mid-2015, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Following mass demonstrations demanded that the fight against corruption.

He was vice president, Iyad Allawi, earlier called for the need to bring in international investigators to uncover corruption in Iraq accumulated files and resolution and submit it to the Iraqi judiciary.

He said analysts and experts that the participation of international experts in the fight against corruption in Iraq is a very important step to detect corrupt files and find out the fate of the money looted from the country.

In this regard, he said Iraqi economist Salim al-Jumaili, for "new Arab", "The government has an important step Abadi contract with the United Nations and international investigators to uncover corruption files in Iraq since 2003.

The investigations include money smuggling and smuggling of oil contracts and armament. "

Jumaili said that "investigations involving phantom contracts concluded in the reign of the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, and the operations of smuggling gold and the dollar, which the Iranian economy saved from collapse, and all the calculations of the Central Bank and money laundering."

He pointed out that "the investigation will be long and will reveal the extent of corruption and remove the mask the true face of religious parties and leaders of the ruling economic and its arms." He expressed the hope that the United Nations strict procedures, in order to prevent the corruption of international investigators or blur the results of the investigation for political or security purposes, and that the results announced in front of the Iraqi people and the world.

Many of the lawyers, experts and relies on international investigations to uncover the files of corruption in Iraq since 2003 and that caused the waste of billions of dollars of Iraq's budget through successive governments, arguing that international investigations are best able to disassociate Bmhakekayaa for partisan political influences and buy Zmmanm, as is currently happening in Iraq.
And still hundreds of files relating to corruption belong to the military, security and economic aspects are stuck, are not exposed because of political pressure from the ruling parties and blocs in the country, with many political parties are trying to prevent pressure to open those files internationally, according to sources.

And assumed the political parties of the ruling companies, is responsible for the reconstruction of Iraq file, and the result was that the Integrity Commission has issued arrest of 22 ministers and 335 as general manager, all of whom belong to the current political parties that ruled the country, on charges of financial corruption and pass deals companies, local and foreign orders. But the political blocs were able to disable the arrest warrants against officials.

For his part, spokesman for the Iraqi government , Saad al - Hadithi, Iraq used the international investigators in the corruption files, and that the presence of those investigators will ensure impartial investigations and to get rid of the pressure that may be exerted on the Iraqi interrogator.

He pointed out that "the issue of corruption in Iraq spiky and very large and the accumulation of many years ago." He said that "this note will work on the investigation of corruption cases a priority, there will be training and rehabilitation of the Iraqi competencies through these investigations."

He attributed the causes of newborn hire investigators to Iraq pressure that might be exerted on the Iraqi interrogator.