U.s. air force: we will give assistance in practical and theoretical training of Iraqi pilots

2016/8/20 15:18

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} met Air Force Commander Lieutenant General pilot Anwar Hama Amin, United States Air Force Commander General David Goldfine, Iraqi air force headquarters, and the last confirmed his sought to provide practical and theoretical training for pilots.

The Defense Ministry statement said the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} "discussed military cooperation between Iraq and United States airspace, especially in training and armament.

He said "David Goldfine" by the statement that "his Government will provide military assistance in the field of theoretical and practical training for pilots and Iraqi engineers and technicians as well as accelerate the delivery of arms and related matériel and military assistance units in battle before and after release the connector, as well as provide attribution and information about air and whereabouts of terrorist groups and expand air strikes."

And his first Iraqi air force commander praised the United States Government in its support and backing Iraq in the fight against terrorism just