Larijani address obstacles faced by Iranian merchants in Iraq

2016-08-20 at 14:28

Baghdad scales news

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said talks with Iraqi counterpart Selim Jabouri on ways to find a solution to terrorism and promoting political rapprochement in Iraq.

Larijani, said in a statement during a joint press conference with Iraqi counterpart Salim Jabouri in Tehran, another aspect of the negotiations between the two sides dealt with the security crisis in the region is away from internal problems in Iraq.

He continued, that goes without saying that we are concerned with Iraq about the fate of Muslims in the region.

Iraq described a brotherly and friendly country so that the people of the two countries have close ties through the ages, adding parking people and Government of Iran along with the people and Government of Iraq through the turns and difficult conditions in this country.

He pointed out that Iraq rich country roots strike Division in history, adding that Iran hoped to be at her side a strong and tall and always promise an important principle of territorial integrity and stability of the region.

He noted that his talks with Al-jibouri and Entourage also discussed strengthening economic ties with Iraq on various levels, as was the signal to the obstacles faced by Iranian merchants in Iraq, hoping at the same time to find solutions to these problems and a qualitative leap in terms of trade relations between the two countries.

Larijani said that cooperation between the two countries with the aim of creating political stability and security in the region, is one of the topics that have the interest of Iran and Iraq together.

He hoped that the visit of the President of the Iraqi Parliament delegation to Tehran and to produce stronger ties between the two countries in the future.