Cabinet Secretariat announces expiration of reconstruction of buildings affected Karrada bombing

Sat, 20 Aug 2016 01:35:00

Baghdad _ news of the day

Cabinet Secretary General Mehdi relationship, Saturday, the end of the year will see the completion of reconstruction of buildings affected by the bombing in Karada at third from last month which led to hundreds of victims.

In an interview with the relationship said a number of media including news agency today, while attending to the Karada where debris direct from buildings, "a reconstruction of the buildings affected will expire by the end of this year," adding, "we are waiting for direct designs complete reconstruction buildings."

Amin said Baghdad memory of talking to Lance several oth including news agency today, "we received a lot of designs of engineers donated for free, and these designs celebrating anniversary of the incident," adding that Baghdad "in the process of choosing a design that owners of buildings".

The municipality of Karada and cadre of Baghdad, began early Saturday (August 20, 2016), rubble from buildings affected by the Karrada bombing.

The Karada in central Baghdad, in the early hours of Sunday (3 July 2016), killing and wounding hundreds in the bombing was carried out by a suicide bomber driving a car exploded in Karada, with Prime Minister Haider Abadi "retribution" of the bombers, and declared three days of mourning for the souls of the victims.

And in the Cabinet, Tuesday (12 July 2016) formed a Committee to compensate relatives of the victims of the suicide bombing that targeted the Karada district of Baghdad and reconstruction of damaged buildings, with Prime Minister Haider Abadi to organize "ISIS" was behind the attack and rumors that followed the events of "shock" and "stabbing in the back" by "clients" to disrupt the editing process.