A meeting of the parliamentary and legal representatives of the blocs to resolve the fate of General Amnesty next Monday.

2016-08-20 11:41

Baghdad scales news

The parliamentary legal Committee, intends to hold a meeting with the parliamentary blocs next Monday to resolve the fate of the amnesty law.

A Parliamentary Commission source confirmed l/balance there, "news wide meeting next Monday to resolve the dispute and the fate of the amnesty law", noting that "meeting to draft the parliamentary blocs to agree on the final version of the law."

A member of Parliament from the National Alliance mp Abdul Salam Al-Maliki, on Saturday, to pass the amnesty law without applying the Coalition proposals won't get in any way.

Political blocs differ on two articles of the law on general amnesty notably article 8 which provides the opportunity for the defendant to article four terrorism trial, which most political blocs rejected the National Alliance