Wasit cultivation emphasizes self-sufficiency of fisheries and provincial processing capacity

2016/8/19 17:08

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} agricultural Committee Chairman confirmed in Wasit Governorate Council Hashim conservative sufficiency Turkish fisheries and exported to the provinces, noting "the execution of more than two million hens because of the spread of H5N1.

He said the Turkish {Euphrates news} "fisheries in the province activated a lot lately because of the proliferation of cages has led to self-sufficiency in the province", adding "export large quantities of fish to the provinces."

"Either poultry H5N1 virus spread after the hens in the province since culled more than two million hens has an effect on the rate of production of poultry and eggs that we export them to other provinces.

"The Governor has many projects to promote the livestock industry, we have opened the door for local companies and foreign investment for breeding heifers and cows in addition to opening the coefficient milk and cheeses in agricultural loans and there are bees and poultry fields relay committees."

He continued saying that "the coming period will have a larger investment projects within the World Bank loan is under study and it will be the first province of Wasit for livestock development, agricultural.

It is said that Wasit Governorate, classified within the provinces known to fish and all were being filled by the Tigris River at Kut, having retreated quantities by many environmental and geographic factors and factors relating to hunting and ended.