Kirkuk's oil exports up to 150,000 barrels per day in the next week

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Kirkuk's oil exports up to 150,000 barrels per day in the next week

{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the North Oil Company official, on Friday, said that Iraq plans to increase crude flows that are pumped through the pipeline that extends to Turkey to reach the normal average of 150 thousand barrels per day next week.
Of the Ministry of Oil Company in Baghdad and resumed on Thursday to pump oil from fields operated in Kirkuk through a pipeline which is controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government in the north of the country.
It extends pipeline duration of Iraq 's Kurdistan Regional Government of the Taq Taq oil field through Khormala to Fishkhabour border which is linked to the main oil pipeline Kirkuk-Ceyhan going to the Turkish port of Ceyhan. the

company stopped using the pipeline in March because of a dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government over control of Kurdish oil exports.

It was to resume pumping crude after cross - minister of the new Iraqi oil Jabbar Ali Laibi expressed optimism on his appointment on Monday the possibility of solving the problem with the Kurds.

and began to flow at a rate of about 70 thousand barrels per day on Thursday for testing purposes and will be increased gradually until it reaches the normal level of 150 thousand barrels per day , said an official with the company.

conveys crude pipeline to port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean , where Kurds crude sells independently in the global market as well as the oil that is produced in the region semi Almstql.anthy