Motionless Parliament to enact the popular crowd and national law is likely enacted after the liberation of Mosul

2016-08-19 18:04:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Counting the National Alliance, on Friday, that the implementation of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi is the structuring of the popular crowd to " a need for the law to be implemented", revealing the start of the leadership of the crowd structure brigades willing to enact the draft law and submit them to the Cabinet, and as likely to initiate law after liberalization Mosul, referring to the collection of signatures of deputies from different blocks of directly writing a draft law of the popular crowd.

The MP said the National Alliance Faleh al - Khazali said that "something Dioanaa issued by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to convert the popular crowd forces to a device comparable to the anti - terrorism device, is what needs to be the age of the popular crowd Act , " noting that "this law will be subject to political agreements."

He guessed Khazali, to "be direct legislation of the law after the liberation of the province of Nineveh process , " pointing out that " the leadership of the popular crowd began to work on the structural setting of each brigades popular crowd to write a draft of the popular crowd Act, in light of the Prime Minister is, in the hope of raising them in the next term to the presidency of the Council of Ministers for approval. "

He said al - Khazali, that " the preparation of the popular crowd recorded fighters reached 140 thousand fighters , including 30 thousand children of the western provinces , " noting that "the Ministry of Finance acted monthly salaries for 110 thousand fighters are divided to include 140 thousand fighters."

The MP for the National Alliance, "The Ministry of Defence is the entity that will arm the popular crowd device similar to anti - terrorism , " explaining that " the number of non - registered members of the crowd of up to nearly 20 thousand fighters have not been paid yet , " calling on the government and parliament to " the inclusion of their names on the lists included in the 2017 budget."

For his part, MP for the Liberal bloc , Iyad al - Shammari said that "there are efforts to collect signatures from different blocks of directly writing the popular crowd draft law by parliamentary committees concerned , " noting that " the number of signatures collected so far stood at nearly 50 signatures."

The body the popular crowd, issued in the (26 July 2016), uncles order my book was released in, ( the 22 of February 2016), re - formed and organized forces affiliate, the text on the grounds the crowd , "independent military formations working model comparable to the anti - terrorism , its affiliates and is subject to military laws in force, that the FAFSA affiliates link for political and party and all social frameworks. "